What is betula?

Betula is a general purpose programming language.

Is Betula compiled or is it interpreted?

Both. Betula code can be run using the compiler in interpreter mode or compiled by running the compiler in compiled mode.

XML is not a programming language, so how Betula can be a programming language?

Betula is not XML, but it is built on top of XML. Betula is an extension of XML that adds plug-in support, control flow (if, swhile, ewhile) and place holders for text (known as filled text internally).

What can I use Betula for?

Betula is mostly used as a backend language for web services.

How do I use Betula as a programming language on the Apache web server?

Place a text file containing Betula source code on Apache html directory. Apache will consider files ending with the .tmpl filename extension to be Betula programs. Apache will execute them. If your web server displays the content of the Betula file, instead of executing it, it means that your web server has a configuration error and is not set up properly.

How do I run Betula as a command line program?

Execute the betula compiler using the betula command with the PATH_TRANSLATED environment variable.

PATH_TRANSLATED="myprogram.tmpl" betula